It’s An App-ening World

Earlier this week I received an email invitation from my friendly tax department and I opened it with the usual trepidation. The content was not as threatening as first feared and contained an invitation to download a tax refund app; in case I was lucky enough to qualify for same. Alas it was not to […]

Slow & Steady Does Not Win The Race

The Aesop fable of the hare and tortoise reminds us that in our daily lives, rushing from start to finish is not necessarily the best course of action. In business however, being slow out of the blocks can be problematic.  Speed to market is vital in today’s eCommerce environment and an enterprise needs to be nimble […]

Global Collaboration To Gain Competitive Advantage

News today that Satya Nadella has become Microsoft’s third chief executive. As Microsoft Gold Partners we congratulate him on this elevation in status and look forward to further innovation and transformation from such an important partner. It reminds us also of the strategic importance and value in forging partnerships such as these.  In today’s business world few […]

Sweat Shop Clicks – A Question Of Ethics

When your company is founded on a good ethical base it makes it easier to exercise restraint when considering the wide range of online, promotional opportunities available. The unseemly scramble for SEO rankings, Likes and Followers has left many businesses ruing their marketing decisions. Making use of what are termed ‘click farms’ is another example […]

Martian Adventures & Innovation

Those with an eye for innovation will have noted the recent launch of the Indian mission to Mars. While they haven’t got there yet, at time of writing all seems to be progressing nicely. Quite apart from the desire to be the first Asian country to reach Mars, what is it that motivates a society […]